Top 10 Activities to do in Les Sables

Top 10 Activities to do in Les Sables

Pack your bags and get ready to explore the beautiful location in Les Sables with your friends or family. If you love adventures, beaches, and nature, this is one of the best places to explore in this season. Somewhere if you are still confused or not aware of what activities you can enjoy here, no worries, let’s explore with us top 10 activities to do in Les Sables.

The Puy du Fou

The Puy du Fou is the second most and the world’s greatest theme park in France. Travelers from across the world love visiting and exploring this authentic history park with their family and friends. Here you will explore a series of entertaining action-packed shows, which consist of a number of actors, horsemen, and swordsmen. Even you will discover here various historic reconstructions, from Roman times to the time of Belle Époque of the 19th century.

Vendee Bocage

Shout out to nature and history lovers, this place offers you to explore villages from the medieval period, along with the bridge, traditional watermill, and the La Boulogne River. In addition, here travelers will get an opportunity to capture some of the wildlife, churches, and fabulous castles on camera. If you love doing photography and capturing beautiful nature, species, and monuments, you will definitely enjoy here.

Nautical Sports

Those who love adventure and water sports, won’t get disappointed. Holidaying in Location Les Sables d’Olonne allow you to grab the opportunity to enjoy your choice of watersports. These including wider options of exciting outdoor activities on the open sea. Even you can enjoy these activates in one of the watersports centers located on the island.

The Beaches

The beaches in the Location Les Sables are often crowded with people during summers. These most beautiful beaches offer many activities during the summer to visitors and travelers. Near beaches, you will find the best apartments in Les Sables from where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views.

The Golf Course

On your trip to Les Sables, make sure you choose an apartment on rent from where the golf course is near. Many apartments in the location Les Sables, offer various activities, which includes adventure sports, golf courses, swimming, and many more. If you love playing golf, here you will get an amazing opportunity to experience playing golf in wonderful golf courses.

ZOO des Sables d’Olonne

ZOO des Sables d’Olonne is a place to explore for the nature lovers which you will find within walking distance from the ocean. In the Zoo, you will find wild flora and fauna, and alongside 100-year old trees and lush vegetation. In addition, around 300 rare animals live in this sanctuary, which includes giant anteaters, Atlas lions, maned wolves, giraffes, Amur leopards, Kordofan monkeys, red pandas, armadillos and other birds that you can discover in this fascinating zoo. 

The Shell Museum

Travelers from across the world love visiting shell museum in Vendee. It is very beautifully laid out and gives a stunning look. You get through the gift shop to get to the museum, which is vast, full of color and has amazing exhibits that are beautifully laid out. This is one most entertaining place for children. Even there is a small activity for kids and that is coloring.

The Vendee Automobile Museum

The Museum of Automobile in Vendée is one of the largest automobile museum open to the public. Today it consists of more than 150 vehicles, like cars, motorcycles, etc., in which most are private collections. These include from the early pioneers such as Panhards, De Dion and Benzs to today’s Formula 1 beasts.

Aquarium – The 7th Continent

If you have a dream to explore tropical seas with thousands of colorful fish, must visit the aquarium – the 7th continent. Here you will discover over 300 species of fish and marine creatures in the 7 tanks which re-form as closely as possible their natural surroundings without getting wet.


If you are tired after a day tour, casinos are the best place is to visit at night and have some fun with friends. Here travelers will find amazing top casinos with a cozy atmosphere, a nice bar, and numerous slot machines. Overall, you will have a great experience in the top casinos that are located in Les Sables.

Final Thoughts   

So, these are the top few best activities that you can enjoy in Location Les Sables d’Olonne. Feeling excited? Why don’t you book your package today?

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