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10 unique sports natiques you must try in Location Les Sables d’olonne

Home to several nautical events and breaches including the world-famous nonstop Vendée Globe yacht race, les salbes d’olonne no doubt has become renowned for its rich maritime heritage. From usual swimming to now horse surfing, or scuba diving, here is a place for water sports fanatics to enjoy the many activities les salbe d’olonne has to offer. Well, if you are looking to ditch the lazy beachy afternoon for some adrenaline rush sports natiques, here are thrilling unique water sports to try for an adventurous, fun-filled, mind-blowing, action-packed times in  location Les Sables d’olonne

Underwater walkings

Some experiences are hard to recreate especially if it involves walking under the sea. You don’t know how to dive, swim or you are simply afraid of water? Here is something you should try at least once in a lifetime. See it as walking in the park, but instead of being surrounded by flowers, you are just in the midst of magnificent marine life with breathtaking corals and beautiful marine creatures being your companions. Just like an astronaut, you are strapped with a helmet that allows you to breathe underwater.


This is a game played by two teams while throwing a buoyant ball resembling an association football. An exciting cardio workout game carrying the features of football, soccer, and basketball. How best can you enjoy the evening with your loved ones than this competitive water activity?

Jet surfing

New exciting sport natiques keep coming up, thanks to the advancement in technology. Jett surfing is described as motorized board powdered to be ridden at waves. Make it a superb experience cruising your fast electric jet boards with friends and family.

Snuba diving

Don’t get it twisted, this is actually SNUBA not SCUBA. A perfect combination of snorkeling and scuba makes it possible and easy to enjoy the undersea world. This doesn’t require the usage of an air tank as snorkeling as it uses an underwater breathing system connected to the water surface. You really don’t need to be an expert before you can dive into a wonderful bliss of the undersea world.

Horse surfing

Get out of your location Les Sables d’olonne to enjoy this total unique water sports. It’s an activity of riding a horse on the water while the other person being towed ride on the board. This sure promises a heart-pumping experience even though it is being carried out on the rivers, or shallow lakes. Your trip to les sables d’olonne is never completed without trying out this!


Discover the world of underwater while swimming side by side with the water giants. Snorkeling is swimming through the water equipped with a diving mask, snorkels, and swimfins. This is an activity that has gained popularity over the years and a must-try sport natiques in a lifetime. Another amazing thing is you can have other fun-packed activities such as underwater hockey, or spearfishing with snorkeling equipment. Your stay just promises to be a real adventurous one with friends and families.


Similar to canoeing, kayaking is simply the use of kayak to move across the water. While many come in closed decks, there are “sit on top” and “inflatable” as well. Whether you want a gentle, sloppy adventure of being lost in the serenity of the water life or a thrilling experience of a roller coaster while riding the waves, kayaking has got you covered.


Ever wanted to walk, jump or even dance on the water, here is an exciting activity to do without even getting wet. All it is required is to get into a large inflatable ball called the zorb ball that allows you to do practically anything on the surface of the water. Although zorbing has been around or a while now with the experience of rolling downhill in a large ball, this time, take it to the water for a more WILD experience Here is a crazy fun activity you can enjoy with your kids.

Kite surfing

To get some excitement shivering down your spine, here is an activity for you. Kite surfing basically uses a small surfboard and is powered by a large power kite to propel you along the water. All that is required is a steady breeze which determines how well perform on the water and the right gear to go with it. However, you might need to get a hand of this activity through training before you give it a go.

Barefoot skiing

Do you know you can water ski behind a motorboat without the use of water ski? Yes! Barefoot. This means you will be pulled behind a motorboat without the use of water skis as you glide along the water on high speed only with the skin of your feet. Barefoot skiing can be adventurous, intimidating, thrilling, risky, and all at the same time.

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